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The 2021 Online Course For Career Prospect

The 2021 online Course For Career Prospect: The Foundation

Every career persons wants the best of the year 2021. The past year has almost fail some persons, businesses, career, academic advancement and so on due to the global pandemic – Covid 19.

With the plague, people including businesses, academic institutions, Religious Gathering and so on  still made it abundantly by direct application of modern technology career advancement scheme.

In this era, the need for students and other career prospect to advance academically is the main purpose for the 2021 Foundation Course introduced to lunch learners to learn subjects that will be useful in the career prospects.

What is in the Foundation Course?

The Foundation Course lunched in the GGL Learning Management System provide students’ fundamental knowledge of the subjects of future career course. This course consist of the elementary topics presented using technical scenario with lot of case studies derived from different locations in the field where the subject is relevant.

In the foundation programme, concentration is given precisely to students preparing to write the Examinations – JAMB, WAEC, NECO and for students/individuals pursuing careers in the areas of information Technology, Humanitarian services and Entrepreneurial courses.

The Foundation is expected to last for four (4) months and done both in campus and online platform.

Students are required to sign up using Signup link given on the homepage of this website. students on successful signed up should register for the preferred course and materials including PDF and videos shall be given on the student’s dashboard.

For enquiry, please contact us through our email and we will respond accordingly.




January 3, 2021

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