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GGL Online Foundation Programme

One of the exciting options yet daunting in the life of youths like you is in the choice of career course. Choosing a career for life journey is why many people make it a success in life and at the right time, while others failed and delay their dreams due to wrong career choice. Thus, the Foundation Programme plays a crucial role in guiding you to achieve your dreams of being a graduate. Such a programme is more important for students who want to study the right course and gained a deeper understanding of the course they study.

What are Foundation Programmes?

Foundation programmes are head-lamp to Tertiary-level education. They equip the student with prerequisite knowledge of the course of interest for better understanding. With Foundation programmes, students will gain necessary skills, knowledge and aptitude for undergraduate studies with the structured learning experience.

One example of such a foundation programme is the GGL Online Foundation Programme offered by GGL I-Information and Communication Technology. GOFP is offered for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of the undergraduate course and acquire necessary skills and knowledge in the subjects combination making up the course. The programme is 100% online.

Some good reasons why foundation programme is important

  • Academic rigour

The foundation programmes are carefully designed to help students develop the necessary skills such as research, academic writing, independent study, and time management which are highly required in higher education. This is done to make students benefit and cope with the tertiary studying environment.

  • A sneak preview of the Tertiary education environment

Enrolling into foundation programmes helps you adjust adequately to the teaching and learning style of the tertiary institution as it will be modelled closely to that of tertiary education environment and the subjects are closely aligned to your choice of study.

Communicating with any senior student about the tertiary institution life, you will agree that the transition from secondary school directly to tertiary study is challenging and different from what they have been used to, especially in the areas of independent study and reduced contact hours.

  • It Gives Insight to Tertiary Education

Foundation programmes and supporting courses enable you to gain the academic skills required to progress into university. Students who complete a foundation programme are generally at an advantage to enter the tertiary study and gain credits for their selected course.

  • Subjects Enrichment programmes taught by expert teachers

At GOFP, not only do they offer the programme, but they also supplement with English enrichment programmes and other subjects making up the course. You will be taught by experienced teachers in their enrichment classes who understand the challenges of students

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April 15, 2022

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