Machine Learning brought about the introduction of Linear algebra in the field of mathematics.

Linear algebra comprises other fields of algebra with theories and findings, tools and notations taken from the field for practical machine learning.
In this course, you will learn;
• You will learn how to solve problems involving set theory
• Solve questions on Binary Operation
• Solve for Polynomial Equations and Inequalities
• Resolve issues relating to Algebraic concepts
Like the theory of quadratic equations, solutions of simultaneous equations, indices and logarithms, permutation and combination and the Binomial theorem.

Course Curriculum

The Elementary Set Theory
Definition 00:00:00
Set Notation 00:00:00
Finite and Infinite Sets 00:00:00
Equality and Equivalent of Sets 00:00:00
Set Operations 00:00:00
Venn Diagrams and Venn Diagram Problem Solving 00:00:00
Application of Set Theory 00:00:00
Quiz – Elementary Set Theory 00:00:00
Assignments – Elementary Set Theory 00:00
Binary Relations and Operations
Domain, Range and Image of Relations 00:00:00
Source sets and Target Sets of Relations 00:00:00
Graphs of Relations 00:00:00
Inverse Relations 00:00:00
Composition of Relations 00:00:00
Properties of Binary Relations 00:00:00
Mapping or Function 00:00:00
Binary Operations 00:00:00
Quiz – Binary Relations and Operations 00:00:00
Assignments – Binary Relations and Operations 00:00
Polynomial Equations and Inequalities
Equality of Polynomials 00:00:00
Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials 00:00:00
Multiplication of Polynomials 00:00:00
Zeros of Polynomial Functions 00:00:00
The Division Algorithm 00:00:00
The Remainder and Factor Theorems 00:00:00
Cyclic Polynomials 00:00:00
Graphs of Polynomial Functions 00:00:00
Quiz – Polynomial Equations and Inequalities 00:00:00
Assignments – Polynomial Equations and Inequalities 00:00
Introduction to Algebraic Concepts
The Theory of Quadratic Equations 00:00:00
Nature of Roots of Quadratics 00:00:00
Solutions of Simultaneous Equations 00:00:00
Indices & Logarithms 00:00:00
Permutation and Combination 00:00:00
Binomials Theorem 00:00:00
Quiz – Introduction to Algebraic Concepts 00:00:00
Assignments – Introduction to Algebraic Concepts 00:00
  • 5,000.00
  • 30 Days
  • Number Of Assignments4

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